An Overview Of The Future Of Analytics Engineering Talent
3 min readMay 17, 2022


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Today’s entrepreneurial marketplace is a hotbed of competition for analytics professionals. Many young companies and upstarts are realizing the need to hire fresh analytics engineers from the pool of job applicants that apply. In order to stand out from the crowd, start-ups are actively engaging the talent marketplace by offering jobs that go beyond traditional job descriptions: offering unique opportunities for advancement in the company or interesting, specialized roles. There is a tremendous amount of demand to fill positions in analytics and many are not well advertised. As the analytics marketplace continues to evolve, these organizations must improve their hiring and retain the best analytics professionals in the industry.

Startups Must Press Hard for More Experienced Talent 📥

For startup companies or relatively new organizations, they must compete with larger firms for top talent. These firms typically have an existing relationship and rapport with analytics professionals and have established relationships with consulting firms, agencies, and recruiters. The best advice for these firms is to be aggressive in their quest to recruit experienced and talented analytics professionals. They are also willing to invest heavily in technology and other assets to promote their own company image.

The Old Paradigm: hire on Upwork⏰

There are many ways for start-ups to tap into the world of analytics professionals. One way is to build the team with only freelancers and a product manager for oversight. In this scenario, the start-up company can source the analytics engineers on a freelance basis and pay only for those employees and time that can make a significant impact on the business. Additionally, smaller analytics firms may be willing to provide on-the-job training and mentoring from a more senior engineer. And don’t underestimate the value a junior hire will receive from working for and with you as an executive. Your skillset and ability to simply convey the business problem will be super valuable to them in the future.

Try This Instead as a Startup Founder

Recruiting professionals who have the skillset and knowledge necessary to become effective leaders and managers can be challenging for many organizations. However, with the right type of support from a consulting firm, an organization can attract and hire the best analytics professionals without having to pay exorbitant full-time salaries. Today, many recruiting agencies offer analytics job recruiting services such as ours. These services target smaller firms in the analytics industry. In addition to offering recruitment services, these recruitment agencies can also provide mentoring and on-the-job training. This type of collaboration can prove to be very helpful for small businesses looking to build their own team of analytics engineers.

In conclusion, the future of analytics is vast and promising. If this idea of building your team with remote talent appeals to you, reach out to us at We will treat you as more than just a vendor at Our vision is to deliver the Modern Data Stack (MDS) to startups around the world. We build using a proven design and delivery process to give you a best-in-class data stack that can deliver more than customer analytics: customer delight and action.

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